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Welcome to AnswerThis.

AnswerThis revolutionizes academic research by simplifying access to a vast array of scholarly articles. With over 5.14 million academic articles published annually, our tool brings you closer to the answers you need, when you need them.

Step 1: Enter Your Query

Start by entering your research query into AnswerThis. It's designed to understand complex academic inquiries, providing a user-friendly interface for all researchers.

AnswerThis Query Input

My co-founder Jackson and I, Ayush Garg, have developed this tool from our personal experiences in academic research. We understand the value of time and accurate information in advancing research.

Step 2: Get Answers

After submitting your query, AnswerThis works its magic, scanning through millions of documents to bring you precise answers.

AnswerThis Providing Answers

Our Vision

We are committed to breaking down barriers in academic research. With AnswerThis, we aim to make comprehensive research accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Our Community

Join our growing community of over 700 researchers monthly, benefiting from streamlined research processes and advanced data analysis.

Step 3: Access References and Citations

Finally, AnswerThis provides detailed references and citations from the research papers, ensuring you can delve deeper into your topic or verify the information provided.

AnswerThis References and Citations

What Our Users Say

"AnswerThis has revolutionized how I conduct research. Its speed and accuracy are unparalleled." - Dr. Rajni Garg
"The comprehensive references provided by AnswerThis have been invaluable to my studies." - Mark Johnson, PhD Candidate